Monday, March 26, 2012

Week 12: Foot Doc and WTF?

I had a serious WTF moment when I stepped on the scale this week and saw that I'd gained ANOTHER half pound. Okay. So I know half a pound isn't a huge deal, but when I can honestly say that I'm on program, it really pisses me off to see a gain on the scale. I'd be lying if I said that it didn't ruin my day, but I really kind of allowed it to. I've got to keep faith that if I keep doing things right, that things will start moving in the right direction again, and for what it's worth, I am staying on track. I'm tracking everything, and I'm absolutely on target with the diet portion of my program. I can only think that my lack of progress is due to the fact that I haven't been getting any cardio. Something I hope to change very soon.
In other news, I went to the podiatrist on Wednesday, finally, and after an exam and x-rays, the doc announced that I have "everything wrong with my feet that everyone has wrong with their feet: metatarsalgia, plantar fasciitis, neuroma, you just have all of it happening in BOTH feet."
Yay. Lucky me.  
I've also got one foot that's a little longer than the other which is making me walk a little bit funny, and putting strain on a ligament or tendon or something on the outside of my left foot, which explains the pain there.  
Gimpy feet!
The good news is that it's all most likely pretty treatable. The doc's assistant created some temporary orthotics out of foam and padding, to support my arches, and take the pressure off of the neuromas in the balls of both feet, and also gave me a little wedge to put in my right shoe to even out the leg length and take the pressure off the pissed off and strained ligament or tendon (or whatever it is) that's had me limping on my left foot for weeks. I'll be wearing these bad boys for about ten days or so, and then go back for a follow up to see how things are progressing.
The bad news is that I'm already out of pocket $180 bucks for a pile of foam and medical tape, and it turns out I have a $500 deductable on my health insurance when I see a specialist. Serious suckage. Don't get me wrong... I'm VERY glad I have insurance, but I was really hoping to save my pennies for a trip out to NYC and Boston this summer, and my little adventures in podiatry may put those plans on hold.
Sad Panda.
C'est la vie, right?  
Yes, I posted a foot pic.
Deal with it! LOL!
The doc sent me off with instructions to go forth and be rowdy on my feet. Go to the gym. Wear heels. Knock myself out. The point is, she wants to see how much, or if the orthotics help, presumably to see whether I'd benefit from more permanent inserts. So far, they do seem to be helping, and I went to the gym three times this week. I've been taking it a little slower, just recumbant bike for now, but it feels good to be moving. For once, my back is more sore than  my feet! (Yay...? LOL!) I go back in another week for a follow up. I just hope that I can get this resolved, and get back to 100%. I may be a big girl, but I've never been lazy, and I hate the way this injury has slowed me down.

My pretties, all ready for planting.
After all of that, today I'm so sore I can hardly move! Oof!
I spent a couple of hours Saturday afternoon at a plant nursery picking out herbs and a few flowers, and several hours yesterday potting my treasures, and playing in the dirt in a major way: digging, scooping, amending and reconstituting potting soil. So far, I have rosemary, lemon thyme, sage, marjoram, catnip, chocolate mint, three kinds of basil: boxwood, purple opal, and Thai, all in pots of various sizes. Some two or three to a large pot. They smell fantastic, and I feel like I did a good job of combining the plants in a way that will be a beautiful and visually pleasing addition to the garden, in addition to their kitchen yumminess. For ornamental stuff, I planted a couple of good sized cape plumbagos with pretty little periwinkle flowers all over them, a whole mess of petunias, and also transferred a large geranium from a hanging basket into a flower bed. I've also got a ton of marigold, burgundy mexican amaranth, and four o'clocks sprouting up from last year's scattered seeds.
My bratty Daisy cat only had eyes for the catnip. Typical!
No formal recipes this week, but I did discover a surprisingly tasty and easy meal: diced jalapeno, onion, and a couple of handfuls of frozen sweet corn, all sauteed with a little non stick spray, which I then tossed with a serving of egg noodles, 1/3 cup of alfredo sauce, and a little cilantro. Easy peasy, and so tasty I made it for lunch two days in a row. (It runs about 12 ww points, but 4 of that was from the corn.)

My goal this week is to get to the gym at least three days and try to get my momentum back. I'm really ready to see a lower number on the scale!
Weeks down: 12
Weeks to go: 40
Starting weight: 271.5 lbs
Current weight: 266 lbs
This week's GAIN .5 lbs
2012 weight loss: 5.5 lb
2012 goal: 219.5 lbs
Starting BMI 40.00
Current BMI 39.2

Started WW on 11/28, @ 281.5 lbs
Total loss: 14.5 lbs

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