Monday, April 2, 2012

Week 13 update: I broke my plateau!

Tasty eats at Hachi
Amen and Hallelujah! I FINALLY broke through my plateau and lost 2.5 lbs this week. I attribute that success in part to getting back to the gym. I've been doing the recumbant bike, which seemed the safest way to get some cardio in without pissing off my feet. The temporary inserts the foot doc gave me have really been helping, and I've finally got hope that we might be able to get things in that department under control soon.

This week saw me staying close to home, with the exception of getting to the gym a few times, and an excursion out for dinner and a movie on Wednesday. We hit up Hachi at Red Rock for some pre-Hunger Games sushi, and appetizers,  which were tasty, though a bit overpriced for my tastes. (Have I mentioned I absolutely live for a bargain, and knowing good places to score cheap eats is something I take pride in. Still, the atmoshere was fun, and the service was attentive but not overbearing.

Coconut ginger curry soup... OMG!

After the movie, which was EPIC AWESOME, we decided to continue the Japanese theme and hit up Ichiza in China Town. The service was bad and we waited for a table forever. Still, their food is fun, with lots of variety, and tons of off-menu specialty items printed on cards which cover the walls. Many of them aren't even in English. We joked that the chef was in the back indulging in various substances to come up with some of the seriously off the wall creations. For instance, for desert, we ordered one of their house specialties which is simply called "Honey butter." Which was basicly half a loaf of freshly baked bread which had been partially hollowed out, drizzled with honey and butter, and then topped with a big gob of ice cream. It was... an experience. Good, but I don't feel the need for an  encore. (and before you think that I completely blew out my diet on this thing, between three of us, we ate maybe half of it.

"Honey Butter" after we killed it.
I took the day off work on Friday so that I could attend a friend's wedding, and consequently, I was able to check out an aqua-aerobics class at the gym which turned out to be super fun. I can't say that I feel like I got a real cardio workout, but it got me moving, and my body felt great after: relaxed and loose. If there were classes at times that I could actually attend, I'd definitely go more often. Unfortunately, most of them are mid day during the week (when I'm at work) or very early on Saturdays (which isn't happening.)

The wedding was fun, and I'm proud of myself for staying away from the buffet table all together. It was a dry wedding, so not having cocktails to contend with also made staying on track easy.

When it comes down to it, I actually went over my points for the week, which I Never do, but it was only by 15 points (which is maybe 400-600 calories) and I still lost 2.5 lbs. All's well that ends well, right?

So once again, goals for this week are to actually stay within my points, go to the gym if my feet continue to cooperate, and hopefully continue the downward trend on the scale. See ya next time!

Weeks down: 13
Weeks to go: 39
Starting weight: 271.5 lbs
Current weight: 263.5 lbs
This week's loss 2.5 lbs
2012 weight loss: 8 lb
2012 goal: 219.5 lbs
Starting BMI 40.00
Current BMI 38.9

Started WW on 11/28, @ 281.5 lbs
Total loss: 18 lbs

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